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2016-05-09 New release: LipidXplorer Version 1.2.7

The the new version Single file installer for Windows. The old version LipidXplorer v1.2.7 can now be downloaded. It includes some minor bug fixes and some speed improvements for MFQL lipid identification.

Get LipidXplorer

If you are on Windows you can try the Single file installer for Windows

LipidXplorer is published under GPL and available here: [LipidXplorer on Sourceforge]. Check out the LipidXplorer installation instructions for help.

Feature suggestions

LipidXplorer will be further developed all the time. If you have suggestions for useful features, please write to the LipidXplorer mailing list and we will post them here. We also will post a status report on the suggested features: the LipidXplorer wishlist.


For any questions and suggestions please put them on the [LipidXplorer Google Group]

If you do not want to join google, please write us ( or an email and I'll add you to the group.

If you want to contribute to the Wiki please write to or or also to the google group.

Known bugs

Please check out the [LipidXplorer Google Group] to be up-to-date on found bugs.

Bug reports

Please send Bug reports directly to

Example spectra

Example spectra for the LipidXplorer tutorial
All spectra used in the LipidXplorer article
  • Spectra of E.coli and bovine heart acquired on LTQ Orbitrap XL, LTQ Orbitrap Velos and ABI QStar pulsar (in DDA and MPIS mode):File:Spectra